State Motor Vehicle Records

Below is a list of the department of motor vehicles contact information per state and province. performs professional motor vehicle reports to help save visitors time and guarantee accurate information.

Jurisdiction Link
Alabama Department of Revenue
Alabama Department of Safety
Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles
Alaska Division of Alaska State Troopers
Alberta Alberta Transportation Ministry
American Samoa Department of Public Safety
American Samoa American Samoa Government: Official Web site
Arizona Arizona Department of Transportation
Arizona Motor Vehicle Division
Arkansas Arkansas Government
Arkansas Arkansas State Police
British Columbia Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
California California DOT
California California Highway Patrol
California Departamento de Vehículos Motorizados
California Department of Motor Vehicles
Colorado Colorado DOT – Research Reports
Colorado Colorado State Patrol
Colorado Department of Revenue
Connecticut Connecticut State Police
Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
Delaware Delaware State Police
Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Delaware Office of Highway Safety
District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles
Florida Florida – Transportation & Highway Safety Reports
Florida Florida Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Florida Florida Highway Patrol
Georgia Georgia DOT
Georgia Georgia State Patrol
Georgia Department of Driver Services
Georgia Department of Revenue
Guam Guam Division of Motor
Hawaii City of Honolulu
Hawaii Hawaii Department of Transportation
Hawaii State Government
Idaho Idaho State Police
Idaho Motor Vehicle Division
Illinois Illinois State Police
Illinois Motorist Services
Indiana Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Indiana Indiana Department of Revenue
Indiana Indiana State Police
Iowa Iowa State Patrol
Iowa Motor Vehicle Division
Kansas Department of Revenue
Kansas Kansas Highway Patrol
Kentucky Kentucky State Police
Kentucky Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Louisiana Louisiana State Police
Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles
Maine Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Maine Maine DOT – Research Division
Manitoba Manitoba Driver & Vehicle Licensing
Manitoba Manitoba Home Page
Maryland Maryland State Police
Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
Massachusetts Massachusetts State Police
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
Michigan Department of State
Michigan Michigan State Police
Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Minnesota Minnesota DOT – Research Program
Minnesota Minnesota State Patrol
Mississippi Department of Public Safety
Mississippi Mississippi Highway Patrol
Mississippi Mississippi State Tax Commission
Missouri Department of Revenue
Missouri Missouri Highway Patrol
Montana Montana Highway Patrol
Montana Motor Vehicle Division
Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Nebraska Nebraska State Patrol
Nevada Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
Nevada Nevada Department of Public Safety
Nevada Nevada Highway Patrol
New Division of Motor Vehicles
New Hampshire New Hampshire State Police
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
New Jersey New Jersey State Police
New Mexico New Mexico State Police
New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
New York Department of Motor Vehicles
New York New York DOT – Transportation Research & Development Bureau
New York New York State Police
Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Government Services and Lands
North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
North Carolina North Carolina Highway Patrol
North Dakota Department of Transportation
North Dakota North Dakota Highway Patrol
Northwest Territories Government of the Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Services
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Ohio Department of Public Safety
Ohio Ohio DOT
Ohio State Patrol
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
Oklahoma Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Ontario Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
Oregon DOT Motor Carrier Transportation Division
Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division
Oregon Oregon DOT
Oregon Oregon State Police
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Pennsylvania Office of Information Technology
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State Police
Pennsylvania State Government
Prince Edward Is. Provincial Government
Puerto Rico Department of Transportation
Québec Société de l’assurance automobile Québec
Rhode Island Rhode Island State Police
Rhode Island State Government
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Province Home Page
Saskatchewan Driver and Vehicle Licensing
South Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
South Carolina South Carolina Highway Patrol
South Dakota Department of Revenue
South Dakota Driver Services
South Dakota South Dakota DOT – Research Final Reports
South Dakota South Dakota Highway Patrol
Tennessee Department of Safety
Tennessee Tennessee Highway Patrol
Texas Department of Transportation
Texas Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Vehicle Registration and Title Division
Utah Department of Motor Vehicles
Utah State Tax Commision
Utah Utah Highway Patrol
Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
Virginia State Police
Virginia Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Virginia Virginia DOT – Final Reports
Washington Department of Licensing
Washington Washington DOT – Transportation Research Center
Washington Washington State Patrol
West Virginia Department of Transportation
West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles
West Virginia West Virginia State Police
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Wisconsin Wisconsin DOT – Transportation Research
Wisconsin Wisconsin State Patrol
Wyoming Department of Transportation
Wyoming Wyoming Highway Patrol
Yukon Yukon Territory Department of Community Services