What is eFetch Academy?

eFetch AcademyComing January 2016

eFetch Academy is a Content Management System (CMS) designed for our customers. Its goal is to simplify the background check process and provide you with the tools to make it easy.

Under normal circumstances, the background check process is complex and difficult. The complexity arises from two major factors. First of all, the laws surrounding background checks can be quite confusing. Secondly, in some organizations, some people don’t understand the complex background check regulations.

This creates room for mistakes and violations. In some cases, the mistakes are unintentional. Even then, the consequences of the violations are real. That is why organizations may end up getting sued for background check violations.

What each organization needs are two basic things. The first is a helpful set of tools which can simplify compliance with background check legislation’s. The second is a platform for educating employees and clients about background checks. That is where eFetch Academy comes in.

eFetch Academy is designed to make it easy for organizations to access the tools which are necessary to simplify their background check processes.

How eFetch Academy Works

FCRA eBookeFetch Academy is intended to help our customers by creating an information repository for background checks. It can contain tips on compliance, client education, forms & downloads, client alerts, help and training, and more!

Just like any other CMS, eFetch Academy is designed to provide a framework on which background checks can be implemented.  We will be adding content, information, eBooks, video, etc regularly.

For instance, let’s imagine an organization wants examples of compliance forms or learn how you can stay FCRA compliant.  Log into eFetch and they will be ready for you anytime.

Like any CMS, eFetch Academy is intended for use on the web that can be access through your eFetch portal.

Who Needs eFetch Academy?

eFetch Academy is intended for our customers wanted to simplify or improve their background checking processes. It is especially designed for organizations which are looking for a smarter way to deal with issues of compliance, education and training.

Therefore, if you are desire to improve your organization’s background checking processes, then eFetch Academy is the perfect solution for you.

This post was written by Brett McIntyre, at Crimcheck.